Franchise Business Consultant

Role of the Franchise Business Consultant

Your Franchise Business Consultant (FBC) serves as your small business consultant and is responsible for ensuring your success in all areas of your resale operation including financial performance, merchandising and customer service. To accomplish this your FBC is in contact with you during numerous phases of your business including:


Takes place 2 weeks after opening your store to begin buying inventory

  • Duration: 1-2 days
  • Focus: Helps to ensure proper buying of product, making sure fixtures are installed properly and that the POS system is functioning correctly.


Takes place the day before and the day of opening your store to begin selling merchandise

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Focus: Final tweaks to merchandising and staff training. Your FBC will be there as a resource for answering questions at the store opening.


Takes place approximately 90 days after opening your store

  • Focus: Operations, full analysis of customer service, POS training and ensuring that bad habits aren’t arising. We also assist with small business practices such as hiring, bookkeeping, business planning/forecasting, attaining a clear picture of cash flow and any other operational needs.


Take place every 9-12 months

  • Focus: Your FBC is there as a small business analyst and counselor.


Take place monthly

  • Focus: Inventory planning, advertising and marketing, POS reporting, budgeting and other items related to your business.


Take place annually

• Focus: Networking and training opportunities for all of our franchise owners, managers and staff in one location. Plus fun events!

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