Fashion Cash




Looking to make some cold, hard cash in the fashion industry? You might want to start by taking a long, hard look in your own closet. You could be sitting on a goldmine of fashion finds — awesome articles that other people would love to own. Or you might be inspired to go bigger, by taking the plunge and diving into your own clothing resale business. However, you choose to feed your fashion fetish, Clothes Mentor can help you make money in women’s fashions. Here are three ideas to help you get started.

Sell Your Gently-Used Items to Clothes Mentor

Clothes Mentor helps you make money, and helps you save money, too. The concept is very straightforward: the store will pay you cash, on the spot, just for bringing in your gently-used clothing, shoes, accessories and handbags. Better yet, the store will offer you even more money in store credit, if you sell pieces first, and shop there that day or later. There are guidelines you need to follow, though, to maximize your profit when you sell your items to a Clothes Mentor franchise. They are straightforward, and it pays to know the policy before you go to sell your pieces.

  1. Bring in current or nearly-current fashions. The store is very particular about items it will accept. Most stores are looking for on-trend, in-season name brand or designer wear. They purchase items in sizes 0–26, petites, maternity, business and casual wear. A good rule of thumb: if you haven’t worn an item in the last six months, it might be time to resell it.
  2. Check for “too much loving” on your garments and accessories before you come. The store will respectfully decline damaged, soiled, or out of date items. Out-of-style clothes, even with original store tags still attached, are most often passed over for current best-selling styles and brands purchased within the last couple years.
  3. Be prepared to receive a cash offer the same day you bring in your items. Most stores have a store-credit-only policy for items left overnight. The cash offer will be about 25–30 percent of the price Clothes Mentor plans to sell them for… and that’s normally about one-third of its original retail price. The more expensive or desirable your item (think Kate Spade handbag or Michael Kors sweater), the more cash you will receive when you sell it.
  4. Expect to have some items returned to you based on what the store thinks will appeal to the style and taste of its customers. Any pieces returned to you are yours to keep, sell somewhere else or donate. If you’d like, the store will make arrangements to donate any unpurchased items for you.

Selling your clothing like this helps you in several ways. You can clean out your closet of clothing you no longer wear, don’t like anymore and/or doesn’t fit you. You can receive cash on the spot for items that don’t serve you anymore. You can free up space to purchase more clothing at Clothes Mentor, which leads us to the second way to make some fashion cash.

Sell Your Discounted Clothes Mentor-Purchased Items Online

You get the most value when you shop for nearly-new items at Clothes Mentor. Prices are just a fraction of what you’d pay in a big box or department store, and the selection changes daily based on what sellers bring in to the store. Imagine purchasing an entire outfit for an upcoming job interview — skirt, blouse, jacket, shoes, bag, accessories — for less than one-third of what you’d pay in a department store. That’s what happens when you shop at Clothes Mentor. Best of all, once you purchase an item, it is yours to keep — or resell!

That’s the second way to make money, put your gently-used discounted items purchased at Clothes Mentor for sale online. You can name your list price, and it can be higher than the price you paid to purchase it at Clothes Mentor! Numerous websites allow you to post pictures and descriptions of your like-new clothing; and sell the items online. Take that hypothetical interview outfit, you could make money by online-selling the clothes, after landing the job. Talk about win-win!

Once you get into the buy-wear-resell cycle, you start to see the real genius of the upscale resale system. It’s sustainable shopping, good for the environment and family-friendly for women who want to dress well on a budget. And that might make you want to take a closer look at this brand… which leads us to the third (and best) way to cash in on fashion.

Become a Resale Store Owner or Franchisee

If fashion is truly your passion, and you have a sense of what sells each season, owning a Clothes Mentor franchise may be the way for you to literally “dress for success.” The parent company of Clothes Mentor, NTY Franchise Company, guides new franchise owners through every step of the process. From on-site visits and Discovery Days, to extensive training and guidance throughout the startup process, to ongoing management support and data sharing, the corporate office works hard to help franchisees become successful. Some store owners are able to open a second or even third location within just a few years of starting up their first Clothes Mentor Franchise. Every owner will tell you it takes vision, hard work and a dedication to serving local customers to make the store successful. But they will also tell you the rewards can be great; the community connections are invaluable, and the corporate support is there every step of the way.

So, whether you want to start off small and sell a few items, or forge full-on with a franchise, there’s a way for you to make money in the women’s fashion industry. Stop by a Clothes Mentor franchise near you. Sell some clothes you no longer need. Talk to owners to see if owning a franchise is a good fit for your financial goals. And by all means, buy yourself something nice while you’re there — at a fraction of the retail cost.